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Since 1976

Proudly Supplying Public Safety Equipment For Over 40 Years

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About Us About Us
Cornelius (AKA Neal) Nielsen incorporated Territorial Supplies in 1976. He was joined the next year by his wife Johanna. Together we created a public safety equipment company that has supplied many of the agencies in the Northwest with the equipment that allows them to get their job accomplished. Currently we focus primarily on vehicle equipment from such manufacturers as (but not limited to) Code 3, Setina Manufacturing, Troy Sheet Metal Products, Havis and Sound Off. We also sell C.W.Nielsen Mfg badges and Point Blank Armor.

We have seen many distributors, competitors, installers come and go.  The same is true of equipment.  If you are looking for a fair price on quality equipment give us a call. Our years of experience can help you.

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After years of having an extensive online catalog/store we have opted to have you contact us with your requirements. No confusion on specifications, no confusion on configuration, no confusion on prices.

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  • Council, Idaho, United States
  • Some customers have reported that they can not reach us by phone. Our phone company states this is a long distance carrier reluctance to extend to rural areas. Please email us if this happens to you. Cell phones seem to be able to call us also.