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  • Model: NMWMXE
  • Manufactured by: Net Motion
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Improve Security, Productivity and Management
The best-in-class Mobile Virtual Private Network is Mobility XE - NetMotion Wireless' flagship solution built from the ground up for mobile and wireless environments. Unlike legacy SSL and IPSec VPNs that do not perform well in wireless environments, Mobility XE is a Mobile VPN designed to deal with wireless security, coverage gaps, roaming, performance and handheld device support.

Easy to Deploy, Software-Only Solution
Mobility XE is an easy-to-deploy client/server software solution that helps minimize costs and complexity. Remarkably easy to install, Mobility XE deploys in hours, not days, without custom software deployment or expensive application rewrites. Its use is transparent to end users - no configuration or training required.

Mobility XE Server
Software can be installed on a server behind the firewall or in the DMZ, and lightweight client software is installed on each device - any combination of laptops, tablets, pocket PCs and smartphones.

Proven in the World's Most Challenging Mobile Environments
Mobility XE is used in some of the most mission-critical, highly regulated and technically challenging environments in a wide range of industries including telecom, utilities, healthcare, transportation, government, manufacturing and public safety. Over 1200 customers have maximized the productivity, security and management of their worldwide mobile workforces with Mobility XE.

Flexible Control Over Productivity and Security with Mobility XE Policy Management Module
An optional, and highly recommended, Policy Management Module lets administrators create custom policies to manage access to network resources. Conditions and actions can be combined to help control WWAN costs, bandwidth usage and user experience according to your organization's security policies. Basic block, allow, disconnect or pass-through actions can be assigned to parameters such as network interface speed, network name, IP address, date and time, OS version and application name. Policies are centrally maintained in the Mobility XETM server and automatically pushed out to mobile devices in the field. Policy enforcement is transparent to the user and can be modified for an individual, work group or entire organization.

Practical Policy Management scenarios include:

  • Limit access to network resources based on the time of day or network in use
  • Automatically synchronize data when a high-bandwidth connection becomes available
  • Block bandwidth-intensive applications such as Web surfing or antivirus updates over low-bandwidth networks
  • Prevent unauthorized applications from consuming network resources
  • Automate hotspot authentication

Mobility XE Policy Management integrates best-in-class Quality of Service (QoS) using traffic classification and traffic shaping for even greater control over the speed and quality of mission critical transmissions. Administrators can allocate more or less of the available bandwidth to specific applications. Traffic shaping can significantly improve performance on low-bandwidth networks, like wireless WANs, and is especially important when latency and jitter sensitive, real-time applications such as VoIP and streaming video are being used. Without QoS, all VPN traffic is treated equally and the most sensitive applications are vulnerable to delay. Packet loss recovery (PLR) improves the quality and performance of real-time application transmissions such as VoIP, video, web conferencing and instant messaging, by automatically replacing lost or missing packets without having to re-transmit them. As a result, Mobility XE can maintain much higher transmission quality than traditional IPSec or SSL VPNs, even on wireless networks.

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