Vision Concealable Body Armor - Idaho Pricing

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  • Model: PBVISION
  • Manufactured by: Point Blank Body Armor
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Engineered for superior performance, designed for maximum comfort.
Excess body heat and limited flexibility have been critical issues with ballistic protection until Point Blank Body Armor's VISION®. VISION® is the first total body armor system that integrates high performance ballistic materials with an innovative carrier design, featuring Outlast® temperature regulating technologies, ThorshieldTM Electroshock Weapon Protection and our exclusive Self-Suspending Ballistic SystemTM. These innovations result in significantly cooler, dryer and more comfortable all-day performance.

Special Idaho Pricing. Subject to change. All other pricing depends upon ballistics, sizing and materials. Please call 800-221-7702 for a quote on Point Blank Body Armor's products.

Features of Vests

  • Self Suspending Ballistic SystemTM (SSBS) provides optimal coverage and prevents rolling and sagging of ballistic panels inside the carrier
  • Durable Water Repellent (DWR) microfiber outershell
  • AegisTM antimicrobial protective properties resists growth of bacteria, mold and mildew
  • Outlast® Adaptive Comfort® technology helps keep you cool and dry (see image above)
  • Adjustable 2" side straps offer 8-point adjustability
  • Additional protection - includes 5" x 8" Soft Trauma Insert
  • ThorShieldTM technology inner lining protects against electroshock weapons

Features of Male Vests

  • Removable 4" internal cummerbund stabilizes rear ballistic panel and helps prevent riding up when sitting
  • Trauma insert pockets in the front and back accommodate 5x8" or 8x10" SPEED or Blade Plates
  • Split shirt tail construction or optional no tail
  • VISION® concealable ballistic panels fit into Crossover Carriers (Maverick, Gresham, Endeavor, TAC and R20-D)

Features of Female Vests PDF

  • Smart SeamTM construction comfortably supports the bust and accommodates different measurements
  • Hidden plate pockets in the front to conceal 5x8" SPEED or Blade Plates and hidden pockets in the back to accommodate either 5x8" or 8x10" inserts
  • Internal 3" removable elastic cummerbund

Options & Accessories:

  • 5X8" Steel Trauma Insert
  • Additional Vision Carrier
  • Front and Back Shirt-tails
  • 4" Removable Waist Straps
  • R20-D Accessory Carrier
  • Blade Plates

Colors: Black, Navy, Tan and White