H-S Precision Pro-Series 2000 Professional Hunter Rifle (PHR)

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  • Model: HSPPHR
  • Manufactured by: H-S Precision
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IN STOCK: 1 ea PHR; 325 WSM; RH; 26" w/ removable brake; Black/ Tan $2895.00
Shipping additional. All of these rifles are new and have Gen 1 mags.

HS Precision's PHR is the ideal rifle for hunting large and dangerous game. This rifle features extras like a built-in mercury recoil reducer, heavier barrel (.750 at the muzzle) and cheek piece that help minimize even the heaviest recoiling calibers like 458 Winchester Magnum. The use of 8-40 scope base screw stability. The detachable magazine allows for quicker reloading. For larger head size cartridges, the magazine extends slightly below the stock line to allow the shooter 3+1 capacity. Enhanced with an aluminum bedding block, weather extremes have a minimal effect on accuracy. For close quarters hunting, the rifle is available with iron sights on the stainless steel, cut rifled barrel.
** Calibers larger than 375 cannot be fluted

  • Pro-Series Stainless Steel action, long or short, RH or LH
    ~ Scope base mounting holes tapped for 8-40 screws
  • Available in any standard SAAMI caliber
  • Pro-Series Stainless Steel floorplate with detachable mag
    ~ 3 or 4 round capacity magazine box for short action calibers
    ~ 3 round capacity magazine box for long action calibers
  • Pro-Series 10X match grade Stainless Steel barrel
  • Pro-Series synthetic Sporter stock with full length aluminum bedding block chassis system.
  • Choice of color. Some patterns are an additional charge (see below).
  • Matte Black Teflon metal finish.
  • Test target and load data provided with rifle.
  • Weight: 7.75-8.25 lb. Rifle weights may vary due to barrel length, caliber and accessories.
  • All Pro-Series 2000 firearms 30 cal. and smaller are guaranteed to shoot 1/2" minute of angle (3 shots at 100 yards) with match grade ammo. Over 30 cal. is guaranteed to shoot 1" minute of angle.