H-S Precision Pro-Series 2000 SPL (Sporter Lightweight Rifle)

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  • Model: HSPSPL
  • Manufactured by: H-S Precision
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The H-S Precision Pro-Series 2000 SPL rifle comes with the same features as the Sporter Rifle but with a fluted barrel and lighter weight stock design. The SPL is available in any standard SAAMI approved caliber from .204 Ruger up to .338 Win Mag. Barrel lengths are available from 20" up to 26" and a muzzle brake is available for all calibers. The SPL is designed for the hunter demanding the highest level of accuracy in an easy to carry light weight rifle.

  • Pro-Series Stainless Steel action, long or short, RH or LH
    ~ Scope base mounting holes tapped for 8-40 screws
  • Available in any standard SAAMI caliber
  • Pro-Series Stainless Steel floorplate with detachable mag
    ~ 3 or 4 round capacity magazine box for short action calibers
    ~ 3 round capacity magazine box for long action calibers
  • Pro-Series 10X match grade Stainless Steel barrel
  • Pro-Series synthetic stock with full length aluminum bedding block chassis system.
  • Choice of color. Some patterns are an additional charge (see below).
  • Matte Black Teflon metal finish.
  • Test target and load data provided with rifle.
  • Weight: Rifle weights may vary due to barrel length, caliber and accessories.
  • All Pro-Series 2000 firearms 30 cal. and smaller are guaranteed to shoot 1/2" minute of angle (3 shots at 100 yards) with match grade ammo. Over 30 cal. is guaranteed to shoot 1" minute of angle.