Pro-Series 2000 Pro-Hunter Takedown Rifle (PTD)

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  • Model: HSPPHRTD
  • Manufactured by: H-S Precision
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  • Pro-Series 2000 stainless steel action, LA or SA, RH, LH
  • Pro-Series stainless steel floorplate with detachable magazine
  • Pro-Series 10X match grade stainless steel barrel varmint contour Fluted
  • Pro-Series synthetic Sporter stock with full length bedding block chassis system
  • Metal finish - Matte Black Teflon
  • Available in all standard SA SAAMI calibers
  • Standard Port
  • Test target and load data provided with rifle.
  • Rifle weights may vary due to barrel length, caliber and accessories.
  • All Pro-Series 2000 firearms 30 cal. and smaller are guaranteed to shoot 1/2" minute of angle (3 shots at 100 yards) with match grade ammo. Over 30 cal. is guaranteed to shoot 1" minute of angle.

Non-Standard Configurations or Calibers may require an additional charge.