Passenger Seat Docking Station Computer Mount w/ Slide Arm

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  • Model: TRCM-PS-SL-DOCK
  • Manufactured by: Troy Products
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Troy Products line of mobile computer mounting solutions incorporate design concepts that ensure strength and stability throughout the long life of the product while eliminating nuisance rocking, wobbling and vibration. Features such as lubrication-free heavy duty roller bearings provide unmatched smooth operation and long life. Even better is that Troy's computer mounts are shipped "assembled" to optimize your install time.

This is a vehicle-specific passenger-side vehicle seat mounted computer mount with sliding swing arm for mounting docking stations (docking station sold separately). A seat-bolt bracket and side strut secure mount into place using OEM hardware and mounting points.

  • Adjustable height locked with hand lever
  • Includes a sliding swing arm mounted to top of post
    • 9" arm rotates full 360 degrees
    • Locks positive in each notch (every 30 degrees)
    • Arm slides out an additional 8" (for a maximum reach of 17") - positive locking along 8" length of travel
  • Mount for mounting a docking station (see dock options below)
  • Available for most vehicles - call to confirm availability

Prices start at $502.15. This mount is available to fit the following docking stations:

  • Havis, Gamber Johnson, Kodiak and First Mobile docks
  • Troy Deluxe Laptop Tray and Havis universal laptop tray - UT101
  • Panasonic dock (specify model)

Price will vary based on vehicle, etc.

Items may be pictured with extra options and equipment which are not included in the price of the product. Be sure to read the item description to clarify what exactly you are purchasing. Contact us if you have any questions. Troy Products items are dropshipped directly from the factory. Please allow 30-45 days for delivery. If you have a deadline to meet please contact us before ordering to ensure that you receive your merchandise on time.