TPO Rear Prisoner Seat

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  • Model: SETPOSEAT
  • Manufactured by: Setina Mfg
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Are you tired of having to safely store your OEM seats for years until a vehicle is decommissioned as a patrol rig? If this is you then we have a solution to your frustration. Here is Setina's new precision-fit TPO rear prisoner seat which slips over the existing factory seat. No need to remove your vehicle's seat!

So what is TPO? TPO or Thermoplastic PolyOlefin, is a High Quality Automotive Polymer (plastic) used as "The Standard" by the Auto Industry. Its features include:

  • Stronger than other industry transport seats
  • No need to Remove and Store OEM seat
  • Will not Crack or Break
  • Economical Full Seat Design
  • The ultimate protection for vehicles

Why have a full seat when you only haul one prisoner at a time? If you only need a half seat, then you're covered with Setina's Single Prisoner Half Seat.

No matter whether you like to use the vehicle's factory belts or prefer an aftermarket outside buckle system you are covered with your choice of seatbelt options. You can choose to stick with the installed factory belts and not change a thing. If you are looking for an option that is safer for your officers, choose to use Setina's Outside Latching Transport Belts. Their advanced seat belt design allows you to change your seat belt location to latch on the outside. This prevents having close contact with the prisoner from reaching in and across the front of a prisoner.

As an option you can also purchase Setina's new TPO Floor Pan to help make cleaning easy and protect your vehicle. For even more protection, add in Setina's TPO Door Guards.

Made in the USA!

Starting at $719.10 for a full prisoner transport seat and $540.95 for a half seat.

Setina products are dropshipped from the factory. Allow approx 4 weeks for delivery.