Pro-Gard Front Driver Airbag On/Off Switch


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  • Model: MPAOI0015
  • Manufactured by: Pro-Gard
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Mounted equipment in an airbag deployment zone puts vehicle occupants at risk. Pro-Gard AOI Airbag Switches provide safety and peace of mind from propelled equipment in the event of a crash. The Airbag Switch can eliminate the possibility of aftermarket equipment, located in the airbag's deployment zone, from being forced into the vehicle occupants in a crash. Controlling airbag deployment also protects expensive equipment from destruction while freeing up space for extra mounted equipment. All Pro-gard/AOI Airbag Switches are compliant with all factory authorized police vehicles. A simple key turn shuts the airbag off to eliminate the conflict between hard wing partition protectors and airbag deployment in the event of an impact. Each switch contains an internally sealed liability fuse that guarantees the position of the switch at the time of impact, offering the same level of protection as a factory installed airbag switch. Due to the rapid and forceful deploy of airbags, Pro-gard/AOI airbag switches are ideal for medical and physiological situations such as: child restraint seats that do not fit in a rear seat or the absence of a rear seat; drivers under 4'6" who may sit too close to the steering column or are diagnosed with achondroplasia or scoliosis; and passengers who are in need of constant medical supervision or are diagnosed with a medical condition that merits the removal of the airbag. For more information on these NHTSA standards please visit: or

All Pro-gard/AOI Airbag Switch products meet or exceed federal requirements for use. Please visit for more information about federal requirements in the United States.

This model is plug-and-play, front driver-side airbag on/off applications for the following vehicles: 2004-2012 Ford Crown Victoria, 2004-2009 Ford F150, 2003-10 Ford Explorer

  • Lights on switch clearly determine if switch is activated or not, optional remote airbag status light is also available when mounting the switch in the glove compartment, under the dash or another location where it cannot be seen by the driver
  • Patented switches are available for dual or single stage airbags and integrate seamlessly into the vehicle's existing electrical system
  • Flexible, shielded, 22 gauge wire construction
  • Durable switch is tested to 100,000 cycles
  • Solid state, hand soldered connections, silicone sealed, and heat shrink insulated resistors decrease internal circuit board and wiring failures