Partition Transfer Kit

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  • Manufactured by: Setina Mfg
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Save money by transferring your old Setina partition into a new vehicle! All the hardware needed is included. Partitions are NOT transferable between all vehicles i.e. from 2005 and earlier Impalas into 2006+ models and between sedans and SUVs/trucks. Also, due to the incompatibility of some partitions with side curtain airbag equipped vehicles (even if the airbags are turned off) a transfer kit may not be available. When in doubt contact us first at 800-221-7702. 8-S shown for reference only.

Includes all hardware required to transfer a partition from one vehicle into another one.

Pricing starts at $169 for a standard sedan transfer kit without lower extension panel. SUV, Recessed Panel and XL transfer kits are more.

Setina products are dropshipped from the factory. Allow approx 4 weeks for delivery.