7 XL "Xtra Legroom" Sedan Partitions

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  • Model: SE7XL
  • Manufactured by: Setina Mfg
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If you have problems with fitting large prisoners in your rear seat take a look at Setina's 7XL Sedan Partition. The 7S family of partitions features a full vinyl coated expanded metal window. The "Xtra Legroom" partitions are Setina's standard steel partitions that are modified to maximize space. The XL design provides strength and maximum entry and exit space through the passenger side rear door. Setina's original Suspended Mounting System anchors to the vehicle's B-Pillars, eliminating rear foot obstructions in the vehicle foot well area.

The XL version is designed for a single officer vehicle - it requires the front passenger seat to be moved forward making it difficult for a 2nd officer to get in and out as well sit for any length of time.

All XL partitions include the Recessed Panel for weapon storage and Lower Extension Panels. Weapon mounts sold separately.

Setina products are dropshipped from the factory. Allow approx 4 weeks for delivery.