Z3 Siren, PA, Switching System


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  • Model: PSZ3
  • Manufactured by: Code 3 / PSE
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This is our most popular full featured siren. The Z3 is designed to make your job safer, easier and less stressful! Even better... it's also affordable!

Check out these features to see how the Z3 can help improve your job.

  • Different size and shape buttons quickly allow you to operate all the light and siren functions without taking your eyes off the road
  • PA Microphone is officer adjustable to meet varying noise conditions
  • PA stuck mic sensor automatically returns the siren to normal function should the microphone get stuck in PA mode
  • Built in "Battery Voltage Check" Sensor shuts down lights and sirens when voltage runs below a programmed setting.
  • Sleep Mode Timer shuts lights and siren off after a specific preset time if the ignition is turned off
  • Horn-ring transfer allows you to effortlessly scroll through siren functions on steering wheel without having to take your eyes off the road
  • Built-in Park Kill to automatically turn lights and siren functions off when vehicle is put in park. Feature also designed for positive or ground inputs so that park kill can also be activated by other inputs


  • Control head is divided into 3 distinct zones: sirens & primary lighting, auxiliary lighting and other equipment and traffic/warning function
  • Programmable 3-Level switch with a programmable 4th position
  • 8 programmable auxiliary buttons (2 can be programmed for positive or ground switching)
  • 5 programmable siren buttons (program different tones for each one)
  • ArrowStik functions can be programmed for different flash patterns and speeds for each direction, as well as the warning flash pattern itself
  • Intuitive Configuration Software easily loaded onto any PC using Microsoft Windows XP or Windows 7
  • USB connection allows configured siren to be downloaded to the amplifier in seconds
  • Program can be saved and then downloaded to multiple amplifiers in minutes
  • All connections to amplifier are done with plugs and connectors that snap in quickly and firmly
  • All fusing is easily accessible for quick changes should one blow (control head gives visual indication of which fuse has blown)
  • Control head connection is done with one data cable
  • PA microphone is connected to control head itself and not amplifier (no long interface cable needed for the microphone anymore)
  • Programming is stored in the amplifier and not the control head (if a control head goes bad simply attach another one and it will instantly work with existing amplifier)


  • Control Head: 6.80"L x 3.30"H x 1.07"D (Switch will increase depth dimension to 1.95"D)
  • Amplifier: 9.75"L x 6.832"W x 3.936
  • Light Control Current Load
  • 3-Level Switch, 4 Outputs, 50 Amps Maximum Combined Total
  • Auxiliary Switches A thru D: 5 Amps Maximum Each Aux
  • Auxiliary Switches E thru H: 10 Amp Maximum Each Aux
  • Total Siren Output Capacity: 200 Watts (can drive two 100 Watt speakers)
  • Operating Voltage: 10-15 VDC (negative ground)
  • Operating Temperature: -22F to +149F
  • Meets SAEJ1849, California Title 13, and 2004/104/EC when properly configured
  • 5-Year Warranty
  • Designed and Manufactured in St. Louis, Missouri USA

Available Separately: Ford PI Sedan and Utility Steering Wheel Interface (SWIF) Module - call us for info and pricing