H-S Precision Commonly Asked Questions and Answers

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How much does each model weigh?
Answer: The standard Sporter (SPR) weighs 7.5-7.75 lbs The Sporter light weight (SPL) weighs 6.5-6.34 lbs The Pro Hunter (PHR) weighs 7.75-8.25 lbs The Pro Hunter Light Weight weighs 5.5-5.7 lbs The Varmint rifle (VAR) weighs 8-8.25 lbs The Heavy Tactical rifle (HTR) weighs 10.75-11.25 lbs

What is the H-S Precision Rifle made of?
Answer: The rifles are built completely out of Stainless Steel and then Teflon coated.

Do H-S Precision Rifles really shoot as well as they say they do?
Answer: Yes, they do and then some. We have set up several rifles that shoot down to .184 (.308 Cal). The rifles are more than capable, it will come down to the shooter to do their part.

Can I still get the H-S Precision Take Down rifle?
Answer: Yes, but there is a long wait unless you can find one already made.

Do H-S Precision rifles have adjustable triggers and what are they set at at the factory? Answer: Yes, the rifles do have adjustable triggers from 2-5 lbs. They usually leave the factory set at 2-2.5 lbs.

Can I use a Standard base on my H-S Precision rifle?
Answer: No. The action looks very similar to the Remington 700 action; infact it will accept a Remington base. The difference is H-S Precision uses .840 screws in their base where others use .640 screws. We recommend and sell Warne bases and rings as they have H-S Precision-specific bases and they are a high quality product.

Do all the rifles have fluted barrels?
Answer: No. Some of the bigger calibers in the PHR do not have fluted barrels, as well as all of the SPR.

Does H-S Precision vice the guns in to get the groups they shoot?
Answer: No. The guns are all shot by a person off of sand bags at H-S Precisions' indoor range.

Does the mercury recoil reducer really help?
Answer: Yes, they really do help in the larger caliber guns. The mercury reducer is good for a 10-15% decrease in felt recoil.

Can I get different length of pull stocks?
Answer: Yes. We can shorten the lop or lengthen it to your needs for an additional cost.

Is H-S Precision going to take care of me if anything happens to the gun? Answer: Yes. The stocks and guns have a lifetime warranty.

How do you recommend the gun is broke in?
Answer: We and H-S Precision recommend that for the first 50 rounds that the guns is cleaned after every shot.

Step 1.
Saturate bore brush with Hoppe's No. 9 (or the like) and slowly push through the bore from the chamber and out the muzzle, two or three times. This will get the bulk of the powder fouling out of the barrel.

Step 2.
Remove the brush from the rod, attach jag with patch and push through the bore. Repeat several times, using a new patch each time.

Step 3.
Remove jag from rod and attach the brush. Saturate the brush with Sweets and slowly push through the bore two or three times. Let the Sweets sit in the barrel for a few minutes. Follow with two or three patches.

Step 4.
Inspect barrel and if any copper fouling remains repeat step 3.

Step 5.
Use Hopes No 9 to remove any Sweets. Follow this with two or three patches or until one comes out clean.

Step 6.
Wipe end of muzzle to remove any excess oil and solvent that came out the end of the barrel.

What calibers can I get a H-S Precision rifle in?
Answer: You can get the H-S Precision rifles in any sami spec caliber.

What are my limitations on the PHL rifle?
Answer: You are limited to short action only calibers with a maximum of a 22" barrel. You also cannot put a muzzle brake on the PHL as there just isn't enough material left in that light barrel to add one on.

What ammunition does H-S Precision use to shoot the test targets?
Answer: H-S Precision uses both hand loads and some factory ammunition. We can supply the load data for the hand loaded ammunition to give the buyer a starting place if you wish to go that route.

What types of muzzle brakes does H-S Precision offer?
Answer: H-S Precision offers a fixed and removable brake for their rifles. They are both very effective at about a 35-48% reduction in felt recoil. The most popular is the removable model as it can be removed and the cap put back on if it is not wanted/needed for your current application.

Will removing the brake move my point of impact?
Answer: Yes. It will move it about 1/4 - 1/2" which is not much considering the benefit of being able to remove the brake.