About Us

Who We Are
We're a small family-owned company dedicated to good customer service and quality products. We pride ourselves on offering our customers cutting edge products along with their tried-and-true favorites at competitive prices.

Territorial Supplies was incorporated in 1976 by founder C.G. "Neal" Nielsen. Soon after, Neal was joined by his new wife, Johanna. However, our involvement with the public safety sector did not start then. In fact, it goes back several more generations. Neal's grandfather and father were jewelers, making badges first in New York and then Washington State. Neal himself was a badge engraver. A customer of the family badge business happened to be Art Burnside of Art Burnside & Co. from Spokane, WA, one of the originators of the public safety equipment business. During Neal's years at college in Spokane, Art took Neal under his wing so to speak and the rest is history.

Neal felt his calling in selling a variety of public safety equipment and eventually purchased the business from Art Burnside (except for the name). For the first few years Neal operated as a "one man shop" out of a storeroom at the family's badge business. It was during this time that Neal incorporated Territorial Supplies, Inc. and Johanna became an active team member. In 1980 Territorial Supplies moved out of the storeroom and into its own building in Chehalis, WA where Johanna could easily run the office and keep an eye on their two young children while Neal was on the road visiting customers.

Since then, Territorial Supplies has moved two times, first to Morton, WA and then to Council, ID where we are now located. Over the years we have had employees come and go, but we feel we have come full circle in some ways. Territorial Supplies, Inc. is still owned and actively managed by the original owners. They are joined by their daughter Stephanie.

We haven't forgotten where we came from. We would like to say a big THANK YOU to all of our customers for making us the oldest continuous public safety equipment supplier in the Northwest! Over the years we have developed friendships with many of our customers. Some of you (our customers) were also getting your start at the same time we were. You have been with us the entire time, and now that you are retiring we would like to wish you the best of luck. May life treat you well.

Why Buy from Us
Over the years we have watched many public safety equipment businesses come and go. Some people think this business is a way to "get rich quick." It's not. There is far more to it than hanging a sign up and offering "discount" prices. We have supplied the law enforcement, fire and public works professions with equipment and supplies for over 40 years. That says something. Whether you are looking for Code 3 LED lightbars and emergency warning lights, Troy Products computer mounts and consoles, Setina partitions and pushbumpers, C.W. Nielsen Manufacturing badges and insignia or anything in between, we have you covered!

Knowledge. We continuously study and evaluate both our current product line and new products on the market. Many of our factories have been doing business with us for 25+ years. When you ask us about a product we will provide you with an honest, knowledgeable answer. We aren't here to just answer the phone and take orders - we actually test the products as much as possible so that we get a feel for them. We also aren't afraid to call factories for clarifications on how something operates. Additionally, we attend factory training sessions whenever possible.

Customer Service. We have a reputation in the industry for honesty, quality and service. We make your satisfaction our #1 priority! Our knowledgeable staff is ready to help you select the right equipment for your needs. We welcome phone, fax, mail and online orders. We are open Monday - Friday 9:00 - 4:30 MT.

Competitive. While we don't promise to have the lowest prices on the internet or to sell everything under the sun, we do promise to have competitive prices, a wide range of products and great customer service. We do not sell used products (unless noted as samples or used guns) nor do we recommend buying somebody else's antiquated equipment off E-bay or the like because it's cheap (you quite often end up paying more overall to get the product working and up to current standards). We know that you have a choice of where you buy your equipment. Choose the name that has stood the test of time... choose Territorial Supplies, Inc.

Our Website
This site is representative of the manufacturers we carry. If you require a product that is not listed here please contact us for ordering information. If you desire more photos or information about a specific product please check out the Catalogs, Fliers & Brochures page for factory catalogs and brochures in PDF format or contact us -- we carry free factory brochures for many items.

NOTE: Check out our policies covering ordering and shipping information BEFORE ordering. We have strived to cover questions that may arise before, during and after your purchase, however we may have missed something. When in doubt call or e-mail us prior to placing an order.